what is science marketing

You’ve heard of science communication, the art of turning complicated scientific information into simple, captivating stories.

We define it as “creating value for the scientist’s unique set of audiences”.

Start by looking at your audiences. Who are they and what do they need or want? Then work out how you can best position yourself to give it to them.

By positioning, we mean setting up your group in a way that  adequately answers these questions:

  • Who do you need to approach or partner with and why?

  • What events and online forums do you need to be at?

  • Once you get to an event, what should you say?

  • Who in your group is really good at developing relationships?

  • What exactly can you offer your clients or audiences?

  • How will you provide what you can offer?

A whole new level of expertise is needed to develop marketing tools for scientists because a practical knowledge of science  and marketing is called for.

It’s a mix that not many people possess.

We’re scientists too


We at Straight Up have science, communication and marketing qualifications, so we’re perfectly positioned to truly understand what you do.

And, having worked in science and marketing for more than 15 years, we’ve learnt what works well and what doesn’t.